Noorderkerk and Krijtbergkerk

Panoramic views of Amsterdam

Noorderkerk and Krijtbergkerk
The Noorderkerk and the Krijtbergkerk in Amsterdam, as seen from the A’DAM Lookout observation deck. Photo by Anton Hein.

One of my favorite spots in Amsterdam is on top of the A’DAM toren, on the north-side bank of the river IJ, right across from Central Station.

Tall by Amsterdam standards (read: at nearly 100 meters not really all that tall), it provides magnificent views across all of Amsterdam.

The observation point at the top of the tower is called A’DAM Lookout, and I pop up there quite frequently — often several times a week.

This is the first place Janet and I take visitors, since it provides them with a birds-eye view of the city, the river IJ, the Port of Amsterdam, and beyond. And no matter of how many times I have seen it, it always remains fascinating. I’ve got literally thousands of photos taken from the observation platform. I love the way the city looks different all the time under the ever-changing sky.

I’ve been on the roof in good weather, mostly, but also in bad. The first time I was there was a couple of months before the official opening, as part of a press tour. It was at the end of March, and while it was quite sunny the day before and after, this day was dull, grey, and very cold.

I remember that day well, usually whenever Amsterdam’s former mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, is mentioned. On that day he and Sander Groet, one of the men behind the tower, was interviewed on the platform. That was in March, 2016. He died in October, 2017. Van der Laan was a good man, and one of Amsterdam’s most-loved mayors.

Life and death.

I was born on a houseboat not far from the church on the left in the photo — the Noorderkerk. Actually, the boat was moored across from the iconic Westerkerk, near the Anne Frank House.

The church on the right, the Krijtbergkerk, opened in 1883.

I should add more information to this post, but I just got an alert that the cruise ship MSC Magnifica is on its way to Amsterdam. So I think I’ll get ready to go to the tower, so I photograph its arrival from up there.

— Anton Hein

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